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Light It Blue Michigan 2012

On April 2nd, 2012--The Mackinac Bridge Glowed Blue For Autism Awareness for the First Time 

There are over 15,000 children with autism in the state of Michigan.

  •  Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a neurdevelopmental disorder that appears within the first three years of life.
  • Autism affects a child's ability to communicate.  
  • Autism affects a child's social interaction with others. 
  • 1 out of every 88 children has Autism in America
  • 1 out of every 54 boys will be diagnosed with Autism
  • A child has a greater risk of being diagnosed with autism than childhood cancer, diabetes, and pediatric AIDS combined 
  • Michigan has the 4th largest Autistic population in the U.S.
  • Lifetime health cost of an child with Autism is $3.7 million dollars
  • The rate of Autism in Michigan has increased over 100% since 2001, from 5,680 school children to over 15,000

Organizational Sponsors

Please Visit These Wonderful Organizations Helping Children With Autism In Michigan

Corner Pieces

building brighter futures one piece at a time

Corner Pieces is a Michigan-based organization that was formed with help of family and friends by Ben and Tiffany Duff, the parents of a young autistic boy. When the Duffs received the heartbreaking diagnosis shortly before their son, Brian’s, second birthday in 2008, their intense efforts to improve the quality of his life led them to discover that Brian best responded to educational tools and applications on one of the most portable devices available today: the iPod Touch.

Through the establishment of Corner Pieces, the Duffs have made it their mission to provide iPods and iPads to autistic children and other youth in need who struggle with communication. The Duffs also seek to educate and inform the general public and other affected families about the causes, signs, and treatment of autism.

Autism Alliance Of Michigan

enhancing the lives of individuals and families with autism in michigan

Our long-term vision is that the Autism Alliance of Michigan, through unprecedented collaboration, will help provide every child and adult with autism, and their families with access to the most effective and appropriate services so that they can maximize their potential.

Our major goals and activities are to provide ready access to evidence-based therapies and services for children and adults with autism, to provide access to and delivery of specialized training for all who live or work with individuals with autism, to enhance educational, outreach, life skills and vocational systems to allow improved quality of life. The Alliance will enhance research opportunities and encourage collaborative efforts.


Autistic Children's Treatment (ACT) Network

home of the Early Intervention Center

In 1995 Murray D. Wikol and Nannette Wikol started the Autistic Children’s Treatment (ACT) Network to help children with autism, their families, and professionals. Their vision was that families and professionals would have a place to turn to for assistance. In 1992 their daughter, Anika, was diagnosed with autism. Murray and Nan were given only the diagnosis, no resources or referrals to guide them as they began their journey. It is because of this that they wanted to help other families.


MISSION: To provide proven and appropriate services for  children with autism, while providing information related to the disorder.